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What Do We Know About Data Scientists? New Research

Data scientists are among some of the most popular new hires at companies from a variety of industries across the globe. But what do we really know about data scientists? Why is the role getting so much attention? Where do they work? Who is currently hiring? Where are they based?

Earlier this year, HBR famously called the data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century. We started to see people with titles and LinkedIn headlines touting data science. With all of this hype, many companies are asking the question, ‘should we hire a data scientist?’

The team at Lattice wanted to uncover more information about data scientists since there is not much that is known about the field. We utilized our technology to uncover insights and trends. The same proprietary technology that we offer to give sales and marketing organizations insight into their customers also gives us the ability to view macro trends such as the rapid evolution of the data science community.

We were curious to answer the following questions:

– Where are data scientists based?– What types of companies are employing data scientists?

– What industries do data scientists work for?– Where did data scientists work prior to becoming data scientists?– Who’s hiring the most data scientists?

We collected 15 million Internet, jobs and social records and analyzed them using keywords such as data arch, data analy, data specialist, etc. We also applied artificial intelligence techniques to cleanse the data. We found that data scientists are mostly clustered in the NYC and Bay areas, while (no surprise) the top industry employing data scientists is tech. Here’s a deeper look at our findings:

Top Cities With Data Scientists

1. Greater New York City Area – 6.7%

2. San Francisco Bay Area – 3.7%

3. Houston, Texas Area – 3.7%

4. Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area – 2.9%

5. Greater Chicago Area – 2.8%

6. Greater Boston Area – 2.3%

7. Washington D.C. Metro Area – 1.9%

8. Greater Los Angeles Area – 1.8%

9. Dallas/Fort Worth Area – 1.8%

10. Greater Denver Area – 1.7%

Top Employers Of Data Scientists

1. Cognizant Technology Solutions

2. Thomson Reuters

3. IBM

4. Google

5. Tata Consultancy Services

6. Del

l7. Pfizer

8. Weatherford


10. Geoservices

Top Industries Employing Data Scientists

1. IT/Software/Internet – 11.2%

2. Financial Services – 6.8%

3. Telecommunications – 4.9%

4. Hospital & Health Care – 3.0%

5. Pharmaceuticals – 2.9%

6. Higher Education – 1.9%

7. Oil & Energy – 1.8%

8. Insurance – 1.4%

9. Marketing and Advertising – 1.3%

10. Government Administration – 1.1%

Top Industries Data Scientists Worked In Prior To Being Data Scientists

1. IT and Services/Computer Software

2. Higher Education

3. Financial Services

4. Telecommunications

5. Pharmaceuticals

Companies Hiring The Most Data Scientists (as of August 2013)

1. Deloitte – 1,042 postings

2. General Dynamics – 1,040

3. UnitedHealth Group – 989

4. National Guard – 872

5. SAIC – 622

6. JP Morgan Chase – 472

7. CACI International – 450

8. IBM – 412

9. Enterprise Solutions, Inc. – 408

10. Capital One – 400

It was exciting to see that the top employers of data scientists in general are largely Inc. 500 companies. Is your company currently employing data scientists or planning on hiring data scientists in the New Year?

Written by

Lattice Engines
October 31, 2013