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Who’s Responsible for Predictive Lead Scoring Success?

To ensure success with predictive lead scoring, it’s important to clearly define roles and responsibilities. Here are two common roles that would typically be involved with the initiative within most organizations.

Demand Gen Marketer: This person is responsible for executing all digital marketing campaigns; measuring

the success of all campaigns; managing workflow through agencies and her team; and working  closely with marketing ops to build segmentation.

She is measured on her ability to hit goals such as launching a certain number of campaigns and generating a specific number of sales qualified opportunities. To achieve this, she strategizes on new and emerging inbound and paid marketing channels and technologies that will help her generate more leads without adding more resources or spending more money.

Director of Marketing Operations: The person in this role is tasked with keeping marketing automation a

well-oiled machine; defining business analytics and dashboards; mapping the marketing automation system to salesforce.com; and ensuring database health.

His overriding goals are streamlining daily operations and being viewed as a change agent. With that in mind, he is committed to building a technology portfolio; automating repetitive tasks; focusing on work that yields the highest return for the time spent; and building process and structure into the sales and marketing organizations.

Your Demand Gen Marketer and Director of Marketing Operations contribute to predictive lead scoring by identifying the data attributes in your systems of records that would be most useful from an analytics perspective.

Also keep in mind that Sales should be part of the predictive lead scoring discussion as well, especially since sales processes will likely change once the new scoring process is fully baked. Learn how DocuSign was able to ensure success with its predictive lead scoring initiative early on by building predictive trust.

Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
August 7, 2014


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