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Why Shared Data is Leading to Better Marketing and Sales Experiences

We’re seeing extreme growth right now in marketing and sales organizations that collect an ever-growing amount of data about their prospects and customers. There are a number of reasons fueling this one is that the data is now so easily collectable, and the second is that there are tools now that can analyze huge amounts of data, which wasn’t possible before with just human calculations.

Data is the foundation of everything that businesses are doing today, whether they have a formal digital strategy or they are just bolting on new technologies to their legacy systems. Because marketing and sales teams are at the forefront of conversations with customers, they are naturally the leaders in this evolution, as they both gather and act on customer data and information.

Getting alignment between sales and marketing is crucial for any company that wants to grow beyond its start-up stage. Watch this video to learn why our guest, Forrester VP and principal analyst Laura Ramos, says it’s not just about throwing data over the wall at sales, that marketing needs to make sure sales understands what action can be taken, based on the data. Having this shared account-intelligence that marketing sources and sales puts into action is the fastest way for companies to increase revenue, using the resources they already have.

Written by

Caitlin Ridge
May 10, 2016