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Why We Wrote the Book on AI and ABM

Today we are announcing the release of our new book - “The Revenue Acceleration Rules - Supercharge Sales and Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Technologies and Account-Based Strategies” across all major outlets. We were inspired to write the book because we were frustrated with the state of B2B marketing in general and the ABM category in particular.  

Although B2B marketing has evolved in the last decade, thousands of new technologies have not been able to successfully tackle the problem most marketers face: creating personalized experiences to increase engagement with consumers.  

Prior to the influx of new technologies and applications, marketers would be heavily focused on managing the brand and events, while sales did everything from prospecting to expansions. However, with the emergence of new technologies, marketers are now involved in every step of the customer journey, not just at the top of the funnel. In today’s landscape, marketers need to resonate with different personas, all who have different visions, throughout the various stages of the sales cycle.  

This is where Account-based Marketing (ABM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) come into play. As we have pointed out elsewhere, ABM can’t scale without Artificial Intelligence. AI gathers signals from customers and prospects and predict behaviors of target accounts, which marketers can be prepared for with automated workflows.

In talking to our customers, we heard that they wanted us to consolidated everything that we had learned in one place. Thus the idea of a book was born. We are grateful to each of our customers for giving us a chance to work with them. Without their encouragement and cajoling, this would never have happened.

The book goes into tremendous detail about ABM and AI are transforming marketing and how any practitioner can utilize these tools to transform their B2B marketing programs. Grab your copy here.

Written by

Shashi Upadhyay
June 20, 2018