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You may be a #MKTGnerd if…

1. You wallpapered your guest bathroom with the SiriusDecisions waterfall.

2. You will only take out the garbage if there is an opportunity created in salesforce.com.(inspired by Brian Kardon)3. You tried optimizing your online dating profile for the best conversions.4. You A/B test your wardrobe selections when shopping. (Inspired by John Jarowski)5. You run content ideas by your family over dinner.6. You use IFTTT to say happy birthday, happy anniversary and happy holidays to your family and share your content to your social networks. (Inspired by John Refford)7. You optimize calls to action in emails to your friends. (Inspired by Jenna Keegan)8. You eat, sleep and breathe marketing analytics all day long. (Inspired by Kristin Connell)9. You collect conference lanyards and other marketing flair to display around your desk.(Inspired by Elle Woulfe and Jocelyn Brown)10. You gave us the idea to use this as a follow up post. (Hat tip to Matt Heinz)

Last week, we celebrated a nerdy group of marketers and launched a fun contest to help honor marketing nerds from around the world. We were thrilled with the reception we got and ecstatic to see that people liked the idea. We even inspired a #MKTGnerd to blog about why people love marketing nerds so much.

You shared your nerdisms (keep ‘em coming!) and even nominated more MKTGnerds to the list. So, let’s continue this nerd party with a new, crowd sourced list.


April Dunford (@AprilDunford)April is THE marketing nerd in the startup world. Her blog, RocketWatcher, offers some of the best advice to help tackle strategic marketing challenges.

Brian Hansford (@remarkmarketing)Brian leads up the marketing automation efforts at Heinz Marketing. He knows more about Eloqua, Marketo and salesforce than you. (Nominated by Matt Heinz).

Dan Zarrella (@DanZarrella)Dan goes by the moniker of social media scientist. Enough said.

Eva TsaiEva spearheads marketing operations and demand marketing at Citrix (disclosure: customer). She’s all about data-driven marketing, driving demand and building pipeline and that equals marketing nerd.

Greg Forrest (@gregforrest)Greg heads up marketing ops and demand for Concur. As a multiple Markie winner and Eloqua Master, he leads the marketing automation charge, fueled by analytics. (Nominated by Matt Heinz)

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff (@kaykas)Jascha, CMO of Mindjet (disclosure: Lattice customer), is a huge proponent of agile marketing, just like his nerdy counterparts in software development.

Jon Miller (@JonMiller)In the words of Brian Kardon, “Anyone who’s seen his presentation on the secret sauce of marketing knows Jon is a MKTGnerd.” As VP of marketing and cofounder of Marketo, Jon is definitely a marketing nerd.

Justin Rondeau (@Jtrondeau)As the chief evangelist at WhichTestWon, Justin geeks out over marketing analytics, testing and trends.

Maria Pergolino (@inboundmarketer)Nominated by Joe Chernov, Maria is an uber marketing nerd. She prides herself on working to help other marketers become better marketers. Currently she’s the VP of marketing at Apptus.

Michelle Burrows (@BurrowsMichelle)Michelle drives demand marketing at InContact. She shines when aligning marketing and sales around one view of the truth.

Ryan Schwartz (@schwartzrw)Ryan’s been called the World’s Top Eloquan. He’s leading a session at Eloqua Experience to help users optimize their automation. (Nominated by Matt Heinz)

Scott Dorsey (@ScottDorsey)Since 2000, Scott has been leading the charge around email, mobile, social media and Web. He is the cofounder and CEO of ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

Our contest is still running, so don’t forget to tweet why you are a #MKTGnerd to be entered to win a pretty darn cool nerd pack.


Written by

Amanda Maksymiw
October 16, 2013