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Get More From Your Own Data With Lattice Atlas on AWS
Lattice Atlas leverages the power of AWS Data Storages, Security Management and Data Lake offerings to instantly ingest your first-party data, while ensuring it is clean, secure and properly schematized. Unifying first party data, appending and enriching it with relevant third party data to create a Customer 360 view. Creating a single source of truth for Sales & Marketing has never been easier.
Create Sales & Marketing Campaigns Segments That Works
Lattice Atlas leverages the power of AWS Analytics, Big Data Processing and Machine Learning offerings to help customers create always-on segments that power marketing campaigns and sales plays that work.
Activate Any Segment At Scale At The RIght Time, Through The Right Channel, To The Right Person, On Point, All The Time.
Lattice Atlas leverages AWS Queueing, NoSQL Databases and Serverless capabilities to operationalize data insights and infuse account-based marketing and selling campaigns at scale.
Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

Connect All Your Customer Data

Aggregate and consolidate all your customer data in a single place. Append over 20K+ external signals and map and organize the data by account, buying center and contact hierarchies.

Segment and Build Audiences Using AI

With the volume and variety of data
available at their fingertips, marketers need AI to predict and identify who will buy, what they’ll buy and when. Use AI to identify whether buying committees have formed, assess the buying stage and identify the next best offer.

Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing
Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

Activate Your Campaigns

ABM thrives on omni channel engagement. Lattice Atlas enables you to deliver and activate audiences in all your different channels from digital ads to social to web to email to sales.

Measure and Manage Performance

Measure and track performance by campaign, tactic, business and tie it back to pipeline and revenue impact.

Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

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