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Lattice Engines Brings Together Team of Past Rivals to Deliver the Next Era of Marketing and Sales Technology

Lattice Engines today announced the addition of Patrick Donnelly to its executive team as senior vice president of sales. Patrick was most recently senior vice president of SMB sales at Marketo, where he developed their small- to mid-sized business division into a high velocity sales machine that helped the company achieve a greater than $1 billion market capitalization and successful IPO. His experience will be instrumental as Lattice enters a similar growth phase, bringing to market the next era of marketing and sales technology – predictive analytics.

Patrick joins a team of unprecedented talent that has come to Lattice from leading companies in marketing and sales technology and the broader technology ecosystem, including Amazon, DemandBase, Eloqua, Google, Marketo, McKinsey, Oracle, salesforce.com and VMware.

Comments on the News

  • “Predictive marketing and sales is feeling a lot like the marketing automation market did five years ago,” said Patrick Donnelly. “I know from my experience at Marketo that it’s going to be an exciting ride and I look forward to making it all happen again with Lattice.”
  • “We’re incredibly excited to have Patrick join the Lattice team. Marketo is one of the most successful companies in the marketing space and his experience will be instrumental at this critical point in our growth,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice. “We now have a team that is unparalleled in the industry, with executives from the most successful marketing technology companies to date and talent across our organization from leading companies in the ecosystem including Amazon, Google, Oracle and salesforce.com.”
  • “After competing with Patrick and Marketo for years in the marketing automation wars, I welcome the opportunity to become allies,” said Brian Kardon, CMO of Lattice and former CMO of Eloqua. “I look forward to partnering with my former rival to apply everything we learned as we help customers experience the next wave of technology innovation.”

A Team of Experts from the Industry’s Most Successful Marketing and Sales Companies

  • Andrew Dong, vice president of engineering – Andrew built salesforce.com’s Data.com solution prior to joining Lattice.
  • Patrick Donnelly, senior vice president of sales – As vice president of SMB sales at Marketo, Patrick was responsible for the largest revenue generating business unit, which experienced record growth during his nearly five years of leadership.
  • Anjai “AJ” Gandhi, vice president of customer success – Formerly vice president of global sales strategy and operations at salesforce.com, AJ runs a team at Lattice focused on the success of its customers.
  • Brian Kardon, CMO – Formerly the CMO of Eloqua during the company’s meteoric rise to leadership in the marketing automation space and subsequent IPO and acquisition by Oracle.
  • Shashi Upadhyay, CEO – Formerly a partner at McKinsey where he was tasked with helping organizations improve marketing and sales and with helping well-known market leaders build their cloud computing strategies.