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Lattice Engines Growth Shows Strong Momentum for Predictive Marketing

Lattice Engines, the leading provider of predictive marketing and sales applications, today announced it has tripled its customer win growth since Q1 of this year and increased new bookings by 110%. With new customers coming from a variety of industries including security, high tech and HR, this accelerated growth highlights the value that predictive marketing can bring to all organizations.

“Organizations are looking for ways to take the growing deluge of data coming into marketing teams and turn it into insights and actions that drive more revenue,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. “This growth in new customers highlights that predictive marketing is proving to be the best way for companies to solve their funnel issues, and improve effectiveness of both sales and marketing.”

Some new customers that have chosen Lattice this year include: Rubrik, SkillSurvey and NGINX. These companies are using Lattice to identify new leads, prioritize those leads already within their databases, and/or increase the lifetime value of existing customers through cross-sell and upsell opportunities. In addition to tripling the number of new customers joining the Lattice platform and doubling ACV relative to Q1, the company significantly expanded at existing customers like a market-leading professional information and software provider.

Customers have seen 40 percent higher conversion rates and shorter lifetime sales cycles within months of deploying Lattice. In fact, Lattice customer FireEye won the 2015 SiriusDecisions ROI Award in the marketing operations category for its dramatic lead-to-revenue transformation, which include strong processes, solid technological infrastructure and deep analytics

Beyond adding new customers, Lattice continues to develop its global partnership program to improve relationship access, market penetration and deliver a seamless integrated enterprise customer experience. This summer Stein IAS, a UK based global marketing agency and Leadteq, a leading digital agency based in the Nordics, joined the Lattice partner community to help drive new and existing customer expansion across EMEA.

Beyond the sales partnerships, Lattice has also expanded its data partnerships, and is now working with companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, HG Data and Bombora. The Lattice Data Cloud, the most comprehensive database of buying signals in the world, continues to grow by combining information from more than 150 million websites, with more than 250 million contacts and in-depth third party data.

About Lattice

Lattice’s complete set of marketing and sales applications predicts who will buy, what they are likely to buy and when. As the market leader, Lattice’s proven applications combine billions of buying signals and apply advanced machine learning to help drive predictable marketing and sales performance. Companies of all sizes including Dell, Staples and SunTrust Bank use Lattice to deliver proven value, ultimately resulting in increased conversion rates and accelerated revenue growth. Lattice has headquarters in San Mateo, Calif. To learn more, please visit www.lattice-engines.com and follow @Lattice_Engines.