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Lattice Engines Improves SaaS Security and Compliance Reporting with Tenable Network Security

Tenable Network Security®, Inc., a global leader in cybersecurity, announced today that Lattice Engines, a leading provider of revenue acceleration solutions for marketing and sales teams, has simplified reporting of security controls and reduced cyber threats to customers with industry-leading solutions and Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs) from Tenable.

Lattice needed a security partner with a modern approach to vulnerability management that could deliver continuous visibility into its cloud environment. Balancing security requirements from the state of California, customers and auditors, the Lattice security team also needed compliance reporting capabilities to demonstrate adherence to industry benchmarks including ISO 27001, CIS Critical Security Controls and Security Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II.

“Compliance is critical to Lattice because our customers entrust us with their most valuable resource — their own customer data. We ensure that all data is secure, so our customers can focus on improving the efficiency of their marketing and sales programs with predictive data,” said Walt Williams, director of security and compliance, Lattice Engines. “Our customers and partners expect the highest security from us, which means we needed to integrate our compliance reporting across multiple frameworks. Tenable helped us do this by providing an accurate point-in-time and continuous view of the completeness of our security controls that also effectively communicated risk to board and business-level executives.”

Tenable ARCs allowed the Lattice security team to understand how each security policy mapped to corporate business objectives and report results in an intuitive report card format to C-level executives. In addition to compliance reporting, Tenable enabled Lattice to continuously monitor network traffic and log event data to eliminate the number of exploitable vulnerabilities in publicly exposed systems.

These capabilities, combined with unique sensors and advanced analytics from Tenable, gave Lattice the ability to discover and assess threats across the entire IT environment for faster remediation. As a result, Lattice customers — including those with stringent information and privacy restrictions — gained assurance that their data remained compliant and secure.

“With Tenable we were able to automate our security procedures and proactively examine and prioritize vulnerabilities in our environment, which is crucial for protecting our networks from major security vulnerabilities and bugs like Heartbleed,” said Williams. “What we get from Tenable that no other vendor can deliver is unparalleled scale and visibility so that our security team can feel confident managing the day-to-day security operations and compliance needs of Lattice and our customers.”

“Cloud, web apps, containers and mobile make up a new modern IT environment that is constantly changing,” said Cris Thomas, strategist, Tenable Network Security. “One of the biggest challenges for organizations is knowing what data is on their network, and understanding their level of risk and exposure. By putting the security of their cloud-based analytics solutions first, Lattice gets a 360-degree view of their network that helps them stay on top of compliance regulations, and more importantly, protect critical customer data.”

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For more information on how to measure security effectiveness in a business context with customizable reporting, read more about the Tenable Assurance Report Cards.

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Lattice’s robust suite of predictive marketing and sales solutions are built upon the broadest set of data, to provide a complete and precise view of the customer. Our revenue accelerating solution helps customers increase the efficiency of their sales and marketing teams by prioritizing accounts and leads, identifying net new contacts, and increasing customer lifetime value. With an unrivaled track record of success and expertise, Lattice delivers the ultimate in customer value through its experience, precise data and comprehensive solutions for enterprises such as Hootsuite, PayPal, and SunTrust Bank. Lattice is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. To learn more, please visit www.lattice-engines.com and follow @Lattice_Engines.

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Tenable Network Security transforms security technology for the business needs of tomorrow through comprehensive solutions that provide continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive actions to protect your organization. Tenable eliminates blind spots, prioritizes threats, and reduces exposure and loss. With more than one million users and more than 20,000 enterprise customers worldwide, organizations trust Tenable for proven security innovation. Tenable’s customers range from Fortune Global 500 companies, to the global public sector, to mid-sized enterprises in all sectors, including finance, government, healthcare, higher education, retail and energy. Transform security with Tenable, the creators of Nessus and leaders in continuous monitoring, by visiting tenable.com.