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Lattice Engines Joins Marketo® Accelerate Partner Ecosystem to Deliver Scalable Audience Engagement to Marketers

Lattice Engines, the leading provider of AI-based revenue acceleration solutions, has joined the Marketo Accelerate partner ecosystem, the industry’s first MarTech partner accelerator. The integration of these two platforms gives marketers a way to infuse campaigns with AI-driven data insights that enable them to engage the right audiences in real-time with personalized messages.

“Lattice and Marketo share many enterprise customers that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new business value through their combined use of the two, market-leading platforms,” said Jean-Paul Gomes, VP of Business Development at Lattice Engines. “With this new partnership we’ll be able to help our customers further amplify and accelerate their pipeline and drive tangible, measurable results to the bottom line.”

With Lattice’s native integration into Marketo, marketers now have an in-depth understanding of their best target audiences, as well as the ability to slice that audience into hyper-targeted segments based on first-party intent data. Lattice’s AI scores enable marketers to score accounts in real-time and prioritize them based on their propensity to buy, ensuring that hot opportunities are passed to sales as quickly as possible.

In addition, Lattice tracks more than 21,000 attributes for 200M+ companies worldwide and those data enrichments are available for all leads and accounts within a company’s Marketo instance. For example, each account in Marketo can be enriched with behind-the-firewall tech usage data, website profile data, intent data, growth trends, and more. Marketers can use these enrichments to automatically drop accounts into very customized nurture programs using SmartCampaigns, create hyper-targeted segments for high-touch programs, and provide contextualized talking points to sales prior to follow-up.

“Modern marketing campaigns need a rich set of data about their target accounts, in order to drive personalized messages that resonate,” said Shai Alfandary, vice president, global head of ISVs and LaunchPoint® ecosystem, Marketo. “Combining Lattice’s AI capabilities with Marketo’s automation powers gives our customers a new, unique way to engage their target audiences.”

About Lattice Engines

Lattice’s advanced suite of AI-based marketing and sales solutions are built to drive 1-to-1 experiences across the entire buyer’s journey. Our platform helps customers personalize digital experiences to increase the efficiency of their sales and marketing teams by prioritizing contacts for lead and account-based (ABM) programs, identifying net new contacts, implementing cohesive omni-channel campaigns and increasing customer lifetime value. With an unrivaled track record of success and expertise, Lattice is the leader in providing AI-enabled ABM solutions. Customers including Dell, Adobe, PayPal, and SunTrust Bank use Lattice to personalize their marketing and sales conversations with thousands of accounts at scale. Lattice is a Salesforce Gold partner, a Marketo Accelerate Partner and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. To learn more, please visit www.lattice-engines.com and follow @Lattice_Engines.