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Lattice Engines Joins the Marketo LaunchPoint Ecosystem

Lattice Engines announced that it is part of the Marketo LaunchPoint ecosystem of powerful solutions for marketers. The partnership integrates Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring directly with the Marketo customer engagement platform. This allows customers to combine Marketo’s profile and behavioral information with thousands of additional buying signals from the Lattice Data Cloud to score leads on the actual probability they will convert.

Lattice and Marketo customers including CA Technologies, Citrix, Experian, MapR, RingCentral and Saba Software are closing more customers using Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring.

CA Technologies will be joining Lattice in a presentation at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit tomorrow to discuss their success.

Comments on the News

• “With the addition of Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring to the Marketo LaunchPoint ecosystem, marketers gain access to advanced data science to focus them on their best leads,” said Robin Bordoli, VP Partner Ecosystems at Marketo. “Predictive applications will play a key role as marketers continue on their evolution to become more data-driven.”

• “Too often marketers’ best leads are hiding in plain sight,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice. “Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring takes the guesswork out of marketing. With our integration to Marketo, Lattice adds thousands of additional buying signals to predict which leads are most likely to convert, helping customers increase win rates by as much as ten times.”

Lattice at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit – April 7-9 in San Francisco

• April 8th at 10:00am PT – Lattice customer Beki Scarbrough of CA Technologies and Lattice CMO Brian Kardon will discuss how to “Turbo-charge Your Lead Engine with Predictive Lead Scoring.”

• April 9th at 2pm PT – Brian Kardon of Lattice will be one of the presenters in the session titled “LaunchPoint: Extending the Power of the Marketo Digital Marketing Platform.”

• Lattice is a Platinum sponsor and can be found at booth number 156.

• Be part of Lattice’s contest to embrace you inner marketing nerd #MKTGnerd.

Marketo LaunchPoint

Marketo LaunchPoint is the most complete ecosystem of innovative marketing solutions, providing an easy, powerful, and complete destination for marketing professionals. The ecosystem brings the best technology, expertise, and customer experience altogether, so that marketers can drive better results in less time. The LaunchPoint ecosystem spans all areas of marketing, including: online advertising, events and webinars, content marketing, customer data enrichment, social media, sales tools, analytics and big data, lifecycle marketing, and services solutions.

Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring is now available to all Marketo customers.

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