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The Lattice Data Cloud Offers the Industry’s Largest Source of Predictive Buying Signals

Lattice Engines announces the Lattice Data Cloud. The Lattice Data Cloud brings together the industry’s largest source of Web, social and proprietary buying signals to deliver laser-accurate predictive insights to marketing and sales.

The Largest Source of Predictive Buying Signals in the Cloud

By relying on internal business applications alone that were not built for today’s big data world, most organizations are only tapping into a small fraction of the buying signals from their customers and prospects.

The Lattice Data Cloud brings unprecedented access to the universe of potential buying signals, combining information from tens of thousands of data sources, millions of websites, dozens of social sites and in-depth third-party data on more than 30 million businesses.

When combined with a company’s internal data sources, the assembled data provides a 360-degree view of buying attributes that drive predictive insights to marketing and sales. By applying advanced data science, Lattice enables marketing and sales to identify and predict buying behavior to improve conversions at every stage of the revenue funnel.

Comments on the News

• “Finding your best prospects depends on how good you are at uncovering hidden buying signals at the right time,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice. “The Lattice Data Cloud gives marketing and sales all the clues they need to predict and close their hottest leads.”• “With the explosion of data, marketers face a growing gap between what they need from their customer databases and what those databases actually can do, said David Raab of Raab Associates. “Today’s customer data platforms like Lattice are doing just that – giving companies a new level of understanding of their customers, using every bit of information available, so that they can market and sell to them more intelligently.”• “News from the LexisNexis database of more than 26,000 news sources provides Lattice customers with a key source of insight on prospect buying behaviors,” said Tom Ogburn, LexisNexis vice president and managing director of Business Insight Solutions. “Combined with thousands of other information sources, companies gain an unforeseen new level of insight to boost their marketing and sales success.”• “Our partnership with Lattice allows their customers to gain insight from PIERS database of U.S. import and export shipments, which can offer a wealth of knowledge about a company’s purchasing patterns and future buying behavior,” said Wael Jarous, senior vice president at PIERS, the most comprehensive database of U.S. international trade. “Lattice’s ability to combine this information with other buying signals gives companies the business intelligence they need to identify future buyers.”

The Lattice Data Cloud

• Makes data science user-friendly for marketing and sales organizations – The Lattice Data Cloud assembles a comprehensive set of buying signals to fuel predictive insights in Lattice’s easy to use and deploy applications that help marketing and sales directly impact business results.

• Beyond social – In addition to data mined from social media and the Web, the Lattice Data Cloud also includes dozens of third-party proprietary data sources for information such as credit rating, technology usage, patents, global import and export history, government projects and job postings. This information provides an additional layer of depth to increase the relevance and accuracy of social data.

• Access to world-class data providers – Lattice’s relationships with dozens of data providers, including LexisNexis and PIERS, both informs predictive models and exposes key account information to marketing and sales.

• Easy connections to leverage internal knowledge – The Lattice Data Cloud easily connects with internal data sources such as CRM, marketing automation, customer service and transactional systems to mine contact, account and purchase trends over time so that customers can get a complete view of their leads and prospects to maximize predictive results.

• Centralized buying signals in the cloud – The Lattice Data Cloud holds all of this information in a single, secure place where it is easy to access and analyze so that companies don’t have to store thousands of data sources internally without knowing which actually predict buying behavior.

The Lattice Data Cloud is core to the Lattice for Marketing and Lattice for Sales applications. Its data powers the predictive insights that Lattice delivers every day to tens of thousands of marketing and sales professionals around the world.


The Lattice Data Cloud is available now as part of Lattice for Marketing and Lattice for Sales applications.