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“The insights we’ve gained from Lattice are powerful, actionable and driving better results for our business. Highly recommended.”

Cal Ball
Director of Account Management, HireRight

Embed Predictive into CRM

Built on Salesforce Force.com and natively integrated with Salesforce1™, Lattice Buyer Insights shows recommendations about how likely leads, accounts and customers are to buy, what they’re likely to buy and when. Learn more on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Establish Trust and Alignment with Sales

Alignment and trust are critical for high performance revenue generation. Lattice provides easy to understand rationales for each predictive score and recommendation - showing sales reps the underlying “why” in addition to telling them who to call and what to sell.

From Insight to Execution

A 360-degree view of the customer

The Lattice Data Cloud tracks 30,000+ signals about 250M businesses and 200M contacts globally. Lattice can make these signals as well as any data you have about your customers (marketing activity, sales interactions, product usage information, prior transactions, etc.) available right within Salesforce.

Accelerate call prep

Actionability matters. Lattice makes it easy for reps to act on predictive scores and data with Dynamic Talking Points. Marketers are able to specify key conversation starters, elevator pitches, objection handling, and links to other sales playbook content right in context of the lead, account or customer record in Salesforce.

Manage sales performance

Also included are reports for front line managers to see which reps are following up on target leads and which reps aren’t – so they can identify opportunities for sales rep coaching and improve team performance.

Ready to increase conversion rates and revenue?

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