“Lattice helps us focus on the accounts that are most likely to purchase and gives us ideas about what products they need. We are better prepared for our calls based on the plays, talking points and additional historic sales information provided by Lattice.”

Andrew Yearwood
SVP, SunTrust Bank

Data Matters

With more than 16,000 signals about 200M businesses, Lattice gives you a complete picture about each of your prospects and customers. Use this data to craft hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and engage in more contextualized sales conversations.

The Data

Lattice brings thousands of company-level indicators into their predictive models, to provide customers with the most precise modeling. Data attributes include:


Includes financial/risk profile about the company, structural profile, IPO filings, new office openings, new executive hires and other company events, etc.


Includes technologies installed behind the firewall, shopping cart software and other website technologies, network profile, etc.

Growth Trends

Includes trends in quarter-over-quarter revenue, profitability, hiring, Adword spends, etc.


Includes prior products purchased, shipments, financial contracts, periodic spending with brand, etc. Applies to modeling existing customers.

Behavior + Intent

Includes responses to campaigns, sales interactions, support activity, product usage, ad clicks, searches, 3rd party content downloads, etc.


Includes social presence on sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as well as activities such as number of likes and number of followers.

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