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Embed Predictive Data into your Existing Workflow

Using webhooks, Lattice’s predictive insights are automatically filtered into Marketo, so models can be used to score leads within existing SmartCampaigns. Marketers can use these predictive insights to increase the efficiency of their existing programs, in their preferred workflow. Check out our listing on Marketo's LaunchPoint.

Real-Time Data Enrichments and Scoring

In addition to a score, Lattice writes enriched data back into Marketo, including lead and account firmographic attributes and technology indicators, which can then be used to create personalized segments for hyper-personalized programs. Data enriched by Lattice remains in the Marketo instance.

Optimize Marketing Programs

As leads and contacts enter into programs, they are scored based on their geography, company size, engagement with prior campaigns, etc. Leads and contacts are then automatically routed into specific programs based on their score, fit and behavior. This is done for both inbound and outbound channels.

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