Unlimited Self-Service Predictive Analytics

We recognize that one-size does not fit all when it comes to your business. Different parts of your business (geographies, products, customer segments, etc.) need different predictive models. Lattice enables marketers to create predictive models using a wizard-driven UI – without any need for data science knowledge or expertise.

The Results

Lattice’s Predictive Insights Platform helps our customers achieve increased marketing and sales efficiency.


Greater conversions


Higher pipeline dollars


Greater win rates

Real-Time Lead, Account and Customer Scoring

When it comes to operationalizing your predictive models, Lattice provides the ability to score inbound leads instantly and route them to sales if appropriate and/or put them in the proper nurture programs. You can also score lists and leads already in your database.

Real-Time Data Enrichments

The Lattice Data Cloud tracks 16,000+ signals (e.g. firmographics, technology attributes, intent data, and growth signals) about 200M businesses and contacts globally. We make this data available to you right within your marketing automation and CRM so you can create hyper-targeted multi-channel engagement programs.

Embedded in your Existing Workflows

Lattice is fully integrated into your marketing automation and CRM systems. Marketers can score and enrich leads/accounts in real-time right from within a Marketo SmartCampaign or Eloqua Canvas and engage these leads/accounts via hyper-targeted campaigns. Sales can prioritize their effort based on predictive scores and add context to their conversations using the thousands of signals Lattice tracks for 200M companies globally.

Measure and Manage Performance

Lattice provides out of the box reports and dashboards for evaluating predictive model performance. The Model Performance Dashboard provides an at a glance view  of how good your models are. Users can use this dashboard to identify the “cut-off” scores for which leads should be sent to sales (“MQL’d”) and which should be put into a custom nurture program.

Enterprise Security

Lattice is the only vendor to be built from the ground up with enterprise security in mind. All components of the Lattice platform are ISO27001 and TRUSTe certified.

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