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What is the AI x ABM Certification?

The AI x ABM Certification is a comprehensive enablement program for B2B marketers. Created by experts with years of experience, the program enables marketers to build AI-powered ABM programs across the entire buyer’s journey. The course will go over what audiences you should be targeting and how to successfully target them at scale.

Certification Overview

Current certification programs in the market primarily focus on how to get started with ABM. The AI x ABM Certification enables you to become an expert in using AI and data to scale your Account-Based Marketing programs to 1000s of target accounts.

Lattice is a pioneer in the B2B marketing space. For more than a decade, Lattice has worked with customers to transform their marketing programs with AI and ABM strategies. According to the Forrester WaveTM: B2B Customer Analytics, Q1 2019, Lattice has “set standards with its capabilities in data enrichment, real-time inbound scoring, and new account identification”.

Lattice has continuously worked with companies looking to scale their ABM programs to 1000s of target accounts using AI and data. Through the years, we have built up best practices for creating, executing and evolving ABM programs from the ground up. We’ve distilled this information into simple, manageable strategies that enable marketers to deliver better outcomes for their omni channel campaigns and ABM programs across the entire revenue funnel, from net new acquisition and lead acceleration to churn detection and cross-sell/up-sell.

The AI x ABM Certification enables users to build best-practice ABM audiences and activate directly in Atlas. Going through the program and getting certified in each stage creates ABM subject matter experts within your team of Atlas users, which will ultimately help you see much more value out of your Lattice implementation.

Program Structure

The certification program is structured as a bottom-up approach to creating a scalable ABM program across all stages of the sales and marketing funnel.  

We offer 3 certifications which represent the major stages of the ABM program -  Engage, Convert, and Grow.  Each stage represents a collection of strategies for targeting a certain audience through a specific channel. Each strategy can be achieved by learning the underlying skills required to execute the strategy on the Atlas platform. Participants begin by learning the skills they need to execute a given strategy.  

Once they’ve become qualified in enough strategies under a certain stage, they are officially certified as an AI x ABM expert in that stage.  Become certified in all 3 stages to become a full-funnel AI x ABM expert.

AI x ABM Certifications are focused on particular stages in the buyer journey.

Engage: Identify and nurture contacts at high fit/intent accounts with customer-specific messaging. Optimize spending on social and digital ads to engage the right contacts. Enable SDRs to have more meaningful opening conversations and generate higher quality leads.

Convert: Help sales reps organize their time around the best opportunities. Segment customers by journey stage to align communication strategy with purchase behavior.

Grow: Identify what customers are most likely to buy next. Increase share of wallet by identifying spending patterns in complementary products. Prioritize customer retention activities.

How do I get started?

Reach out to your Lattice contact to learn how you can start your journey to becoming an AI x ABM expert.