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Unified Customer Data

ABM programs require marketers to be able to aggregate and consolidate all data, as well map and organized data by account, buying center and contact hierarchies. This gives team the ability to create targeted campaigns that engage prospects and customers in a meaningful way.

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Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing
Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

AI-Driven Audiences

Marketers need AI to predict and identify who will buy, what they'll buy and when. This means going beyond scoring accounts, but also identifying if buying committees have formed, assessing the buying stage and delivering the next best offer.

Why Account-based Everything?

Companies see increased success with account-focused sales and marketing programs.


of marketers say ABM strategies outperform other marketing investments


of marketers achieve higher ROI with ABM


of marketers say ABM is a must-have strategy in the current B2B environment


Learn how Fluke achieved 48% engagement rates and 22% conversion rates by integrating multiple AI platforms together.

Learn how to create predictive winning ABM campaigns and generate revenue impact among your marketing and sales programs.

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Omnichannel Activation and Personalization

Personalized campaigns see 2x the engagement rates and 3x the close rates of routine campaigns. Use AI-powered insights to create specific messaging for each persona tier at target accounts and activate them across all channels.

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Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing
Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

Enterprise Grade Governance

Its critical for any successful ABM program that customer data is safe and handled with care. Review all the policy of all technology solutions to ensure data is compliant with GDPR and other privacy and security standards.

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