Score Accounts and Leads with Precision

Lattice's predictive solution adds thousands of buying signals to your existing data and identifies the predictive attributes of those leads and accounts most likely to convert. This eliminates the noise, and prioritizes those accounts and leads most ready to purchase. With Lattice you can score target account lists, re-engage with dormant leads, and identify sales-ready leads.

Three Steps to a Prioritized Database

Score and Enrich

Identify high-scoring leads and accounts based on firmographic, behavioral, intent and technographic data.

Optimize Marketing Programs

Create segments based on enriched account & lead data which can be fed into existing, customized campaigns in MAP.

Prioritize Sales Follow-Up

Predictive scores and insights are written into CRM systems, so sales can focus only on the leads with the highest propensity to close.

“The marketing department was able to cut the number of leads it sent to the sales organization by 50% — to only the most promising prospects – and the 'results went up by almost double' in terms of sales productivity, efficiency and revenue.”

Wall Street Journal
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Enable Sales Teams

With Lattice, sales teams know the accounts and leads that are most likely to purchase, and know which products they are likely to buy. Lattice's solutions provide contextualized talking points within the CRM dashboard to shorten call prep time, and help sales teams have relevant, contextual conversations with customers and prospects.

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