Custom Email Nurture

Create custom nurture content based on enriched data
attributes generated from the Lattice Data Cloud, such as which technologies a company has behind the firewall. With Lattice its a simple step to segment prospects based on these attributes, and then add the leads to custom nurture streams in your marketing automation.

“We wanted sales to work the most enterprise-ready accounts. Lattice was able to surface accounts with a high likelihood of conversion and accelerate them in the pipeline.”

Shantel Shave
Director of DemandGen, Hootsuite

Data-Driven Campaigns

In our omni-channel world, companies need to create contextual campaigns in order to rise above the noise. It requires precise and actionable data to deliver the right messages, assets and talking points across multiple channels. With more than 30,000 data points on millions of B2B businesses in our data cloud, Lattice helps you create targeted, data-driven campaigns.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

With Lattice, companies can plan smarter campaigns based on the propensity a lead will convert. Higher scoring leads can be filtered into high-touch campaigns through any channel, and events can be planned where high scoring accounts are clustered. Teams can also optimize their syndication channels based on their scored leads or accounts.

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