Sell More to Existing Customers

Understanding the common traits among companies that have bought in the past provides valuable insights into who to target next. Lattice makes it easy to tap into expanding customer needs, to grow revenue. Powerful predictive applications provide a streamlined way to serve up the right products, messages and collateral to engage with existing customers.

Grow Customer Revenue Like a Pro

Lattice unlocks the power of predictive modeling and data science so marketing and sales teams can focus on expanding customer relationships and revenue.

Run models to determine opportunities within your customer database

View dashboard of customer segments most likely to convert

Prioritize sales follow-up, using contextualized cues from internal and external data

“Before Lattice, we routinely called our customers to ask them what they needed. Now we have the insight to get ahead of their needs, and make smarter recommendations.”

Kerry Anne Carter
VP Sales, Staples

Integration to Salesforce Increases Conversions

Our native integration with the Salesforce1™ Platform automatically provides predictive insights within the accounts and leads tabs of Salesforce dashboards. By embedding scores and insights into the rep’s opportunity management workflow, Lattice enables quicker call prep and more contextualized conversations with existing customers.

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