“The predictive models from Lattice prioritize the variables that really make a difference and that led to a 3X improvement in response rate during our pilot. By using predictive analytics, the marketing team was able to give account managers the best opportunities for their customers.”

Marina Schubow
Senior Manager of Business and Marketing Analytics, CDW

A Complete View of Customers

One of the largest impediments to a successful revenue funnel is unreliable data. Lattice’s solutions ensure you have all the relevant data to understand what your customer looks like, which helps increase conversions across the entire funnel through a variety of use cases like: Ad targeting, account-based marketing, account & lead prioritization, cross-sell/up-sell activities and sales enablement.

Unrivaled Track Record of Customer Value

Lattice delivers the ultimate in customer value: Expertise, experience, precise data and comprehensive solutions. Some of the successful customer deployments include:

Improving Engagement and Close Rates

By providing a full understanding of customers with the most robust data sources, Lattice helps teams close more deals faster, and demonstrate grater customer value through expertise, experience, precise data and comprehensive solutions.

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