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Prioritize Outbound Calls with AI

AI-platforms enable teams to ensure they have the most up to date information about their prospects. This helps teams prioritize which accounts to call on, and streamlines call prep by providing insights about each account.

Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

Improve Outbound Programs to SMBs

Score and Enrich Your Database

Identify high-scoring accounts  based on firmographic, behavioral, intent and technographic data.

Optimize Marketing Programs

Create micros-segments based on enriched account data which can be fed into existing, customized campaigns in MAP.

Prioritize Outbound Sales Follow-Up

AI-based insights are written into CRM systems, so sales can focus only on accounts most likely to close.

Lattice Engines Predictive B2B Marketing

Warm Up Cold Leads with Personalized Content

Having a contact warmed up by personalized marketing content can make the difference between a closed-deal and a lost-opportunity. AI platforms provide a 360-degree view of accounts, so marketing can target prospects with personalized campaigns before a sales rep picks up the phone.

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