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Integrating a Content Plan with Demand Gen

Buyer-focused Content Creation and the Demand Gen Funnel

Last week we released a video on aligning your content creation efforts with the funnel. This week I’d like to share my experiences in working closely with demand gen to ensure the content my team creates ultimately has an impact on our overall marketing goals.

Now I am lucky enough to work directly with the people that my company markets to (demand gen and marketing ops) but I know that isn’t always the case, which makes it even more important to work closely with your counterparts in demand gen, product marketing and sales. These three groups should have the best understanding on your target buyer personas and are likely full of great demand generation content ideas for your next great offer.

Tips to Work More Closely with Demand Gen:

  • Understand the buying process and how existing nurture campaigns and offers map back to that.
  • Work together to identify gaps along the funnel. For example, are people getting stuck mid-funnel? What piece of content (testimonial, case study, third-party content, etc.) could help move them along?
  • Understand new and upcoming programs or media buys that are in the works to determine the right content offer together.
  • Document a plan or timeline determining how often you’ll assess your content inventory.
  • Figure out what content assets are the right assets to bring for in-person events.
  • Ensure you are cross-promoting assets and other offers throughout all channels.