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Lattice for Marketing: Predictive Lead Scoring Overview

Lattice for Marketing helps to solve your top challenges with lead scoring and the power of data science. Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring blends the contact profile and behavioral information from your Marketing Automation system with thousands of additional attributes that could contain hidden buying signals. Whether it's the Web, internal data, or third party sources, Predictive Lead Scoring discovers patterns in the data that rules-based scoring or gut instinct would simply miss.

Once this lead "fingerprint" is identified, it can then be used to score all your leads based on their likelihood to close. With Predictive Lead Scoring, you have the power to know which leads are most sales-ready and which need more nurturing, so Sales and Marketing can both do their jobs more effectively. Lattice delivers data-driven business applications that help companies market and sell more intelligently. By bringing together every relevant buying signal into the world's most comprehensive cloud applications, companies stop guessing and start relying on data science that anyone can use to find, prioritize and close their next customer.